Attention: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Sales Reps and Lead Generators...
The Last Cold Email Training You’ll Ever Need To Book 3X More Meetings & Close More Deals
 ...Even If You've Never Tried It (Or Failed!)

Steal Our "Step By Step" Scientific Method So You Can Quickly Grow and Exceed Your Revenue Goals for the Quarter and the Year.

"What Would You Do With An Extra 5, 10, or 20 New Leads Per Week!?!"
There's 3 Simple Secrets To Unlocking the Unlimited Power of Cold Email...
Secret #1 

How to Send Cold Emails That Land In the Primary Inbox 98.3% of the Time

(Even if you're an EXPERT or a ROOKIE at cold emailing!)
Secret #2

How to generate 2x, 5x, or even 10x highly qualified sales meetings by sending less cold emails

Watch if you SERIOUSLY want to pack your calendar full of leads - YES, this is actually possible!
Secret #3

How To Work Less Than 2 Hours Per Week On Campaigns By Taking Full Advantage of Automation

Even if you have no software, no lead list, no copywriting skills, or no sales reps!
"Whoa! Who is this crazy guy running his mouth?!"
This training is...

Patrick is the most pirated Cold Email expert on the planet earth.

He's the Founder of Uptics (the best sales software to win more customers and manage your pipeline) and creator of the "Cold to Gold Method" (the most powerful cold email & outbound strategy on the internet).

He is also a former 7-figure Outbound Agency owner and 6x Award winning Master Franchisee at Sculpture Hospitality.

Currently, he is on a mission to change 1 million business builder's life with his wisdom & sales software Uptics.

On his YouTube Channel "Cold to Gold Selling with Uptics", he shares all of his proven sales strategies that he learned over the past 14 years.

He's charged his clients $5k, $20k, and even $50k for these strategies.

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